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"U.C.I. was very responsive to our schedule requests...and accomodating with the demand placed on having the work (demolition) done while the club (Sunnybrook Golf Club) was operating.  Your company's commendable effort is one of the factors for the job's final success.  Your mechanics should all be proud of how well the project came out." 

-James L. Ehret, P.E., President, Ehret Construction Co., Inc.


"U.C.I. is the best demo company we deal with.  They have intelligent employees that can read plans and they show up with the proper supervision.  They also have carpenters and electricians if needed...they know how to protect things and clean up like they are supposed to.  Their numbers are competitive."

-Tony Massimo, Project Manager, C. Raymond Davis & Sons, Inc.


"Hiring separate companies for concrete, masonry and demolition would have been a logistical nightmare for this project (Our Lady of Assumption Church).  Thank goodness we used U.C.I." 

-Bobby Braxton, Project Manager, Sugartown Construction Co., Inc.


"U.C.I. was amongst the most professional company that we have had working at our gym...U.C.I. was courteous, careful and extremely diligent.  The space looks great and thanks to your fast work, we'll be holding classes there next week...I appreciate your ability to size up the job quickly and execute quality work quickly."

-Arrus Farmer, Asst. V.P., PMC Property Group


"U.C.I. is a very dependable company.  We can always rely on them to finish jobs per our requirements."

-Zachary Lee, Project Manager, Madsen, Inc.